"Our air conditioner had quit working at a time when the temperatures were in the upper 90's day after day. We gave Mike a call and he promptly came out to our home. He inspected the unit and discovered a leak in the system. He proceeded to clean the unit thoroughly and fix the leak and recharge our A/C. He also gave us pointers on keeping dirt and debris out of the condenser. I am very pleased with his work and professionalism and will definitely use his services again."
L. Mayhew - Troy, MO

"A service technician from a reputable heating and cooling company checked my a/c unit and said the motor windings in my compressor was open. He said that the a/c compressor was bad and needed to be replaced. This was on the 21st of June. Reifel Heating and Cooling came out on Monday the 23rd of June and checked the compressor and said it was good. They replaced a bad capacitor and added freon and we now have an up and running a/c unit again. Reifel´s response was quick, his work very efficient and he was very courteous."
Dave, Troy, MO