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Reifel Heating and Cooling is a family-owned-and-operated business located in Troy, MO. Mike Reifel and his wife, Julie, started their business with a desire to be the most trusted air conditioning and heating business in the area.

We are proud to be servicing our neighbors in Troy, MO as well as surrounding St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties. Mike and his crew can be found in Troy or St. Charles, or just about anywhere in between on any given day. After 22 years of experience in the HVAC and electrical service industry, we have built quite a reputation for our honesty and ability to professionally install, troubleshoot and repair any HVAC system.

Our number one priority is meeting the heating and cooling needs of your family while staying within your budget.

Emergency Repair Reifel HVAC

Heating Services

At Reifel Heating and Cooling, we can tackle your heating system repair no matter how large or small. We carry a full line of parts allowing us to repair all makes and models.

New Constructions Reifel HVAC

Cooling Services

At Reifel Heating and Cooling, we are dedicated to keeping you cool during the dog days of summer. We carry a full line of parts allowing us to work on any brand of manufactured equipment.

Maintenance Reifel HVAC


We specialize in energy-efficient products for residential use. Replacing a 15 year or older system is the most cost-effective solution because it will save you as much as 55% on electric bills!

QuotesCouldn’t ask for a better company! They rock at help out when you freeze or die of heat wave! Oh and don’t forget when you’re sitting in the dark and they show up like a god and bam lights on!! Love this company! Very friendly and family people!!

– Nicole H.

QuotesOur tech just left and was really great. Just from our description of what was happening he was able to figure out what the problem was and fix it really fast. The guy was really nice explained what was wrong and what to look for next time. They have a reasonable priced members program you can sign up for and have your stuff maintained year around for a reasonable price! We will definitely be signing up to help ensure that we don’t have issues in the middle of summer or if we do then we will be a top priority from being a member. Thank you so much for ensuring my family didn’t go without air on these hot summer days!

– Carrie C.

QuotesHuge shout out to Reifel Heating and Cooling in Troy, MO. Last evening we were stuck with a house full of family who were spending the night and the temperature in the house was 83 F and climbing. Checked the coil in the air handler and sure enough, it was frozen up.

I hit up HomeAdvisor looking for an HVAC company to bail us out. After I had made a request for immediate service and had yet to close the site, my phone rings. It’s Mike, the owner of Reifel Heating and Cooling. I explained our situation and he was upfront, telling me that if I could wait till morning it would be less expensive, and then quoted me a price for emergency service call. He said he would call his team and see if he could get someone over here.

One hour later a very nice, articulate and knowledgeable service tech pulled into our driveway, spoke with us, got to work, advised the best and most economical option for us, charged the system with Freon and really expressed concern for our best interest. The fee was exactly what had been quoted by the owner.

So now we are cooling well, everyone is happy, best of all the babies slept great.

So thank you Mike Reifel. Thank you, service technician Kyle. Job well done and you’ve definitely got my future business.

– Bud M.

We value and appreciate the trust placed in us by our customers! Whether your project is big or small, we are committed to getting the job done right the first time. We have a customer-centered staff that will listen and strive to meet your needs. We value the trust you place in our staff to complete your installation or service need. Our work is GUARANTEED!

Our Values

To be your respected Heating & Cooling Company. To continue to contribute significantly to the HVAC industry. To establish standards of the highest level of quality work when performing: installations, services and customer relations.

Our Mission

Instill integrity in all we do. Treat our customers (and our employees) the way we want to be treated while keeping up with new knowledge of our ever-changing industry.

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